​`​​​​​​Cater-Matic Vending is excited to help bring forth a new locally produced healthier organic snack option to the Montana marketplace.  Introducing KracklinKamut from Montana's own Big Sandy Organics & Snacks.

Kracklin’ Kamut® is ancient Kamut® grain, organically grown in Montana and carefully roasted in small batches at the plant in Big Sandy, MT (pop. 600). Try some today!   www.kracklinkamut.com


Employees should arrive at the office eager to start brewing their favorite office perk. In a breakroom stocked with Gaviña Gourmet Coffee that’s what happens every morning. 

​Cater-Matic Vending Inc.

​​At Gaviña we believe that everyone deserves to sip the best coffee every day. We preserve the quality of each batch with our careful selection, roasting, and packaging. Explore the wide variety of specialty coffee we offer in several taste profiles and packaging options. 

Contact Cater-Matic Vending today to invigorate your employee break-room with the fresh aroma, great taste, and satisfying sip of Gaviña Gourmet Office Coffee products, teas, creamers, and many other supplies.