A Little bit about US

​Cater-Matic Vending Inc.

We stand out against the competition by maintaining three unequivocal standards of service placed onsite at any of our client’s facilities’ citywide. These basic principals have been woven into the fabric of Cater-Matic’s credo since day one. Every one of our vending machines and related pieces of equipment are maintained and stocked accordingly to be clean, filled, and in working order. Cater-Matic Vending firmly believes in the cleanliness of fully stocked and well-maintained machine with a mandatory FIFO inventory rotation system in place to enhance a pleasant and consistent break room dining experience for every consumer.

 Leasing just a few hundred square feet of space in the basement of the Niagra Cycle Chair Massage Company adjacent to Great Falls High School campus during the late 50's, "Grampa" Harold and his wife "Lorraine" found a foothold in the concession food industry by fueling the always avid appetites of nearby young  "whippersnappers" and students in need of a piping hot n' fresh hotdog, jelly sandwich, hard boiled egg or other assorted quick fixin's. 

In 1963 Harold had an opportunity to purchase a few of those newfangled automatic catering machines hence our unique namesake. Cater-Matic Vending is currently second generation veteran owned and operated and getting closer to adding myself to the 3G roster as we continually strive to meet current client demands as well as seek future growth opportunities in and around our community. We have always followed our belief that “the customer comes first,” and to that belief our motto “The Difference is Service,” was born. Cater-Matic offers a wide variety of vending equipment, product merchandise, and that same old fashioned customer service that differentiate us from others in the business.