The most exciting new concept in vending is the birth of the Micro Market! Cater-Matic is proud to have opened the very first Market in Montana and our customers love it! ​

Imagine a convenience store in your place of business. One that can be used by all employees and offers fresh salads, wraps, sandwiches, dairy products, snacks and beverages. Imagine the store was open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and didn't need an attendant. Imagine the store was wired for security and provided you with a full accounting of sales by product. You can stop imagining, because micro markets are here. 

Micro Markets are the latest in employee food options. Fresh food, snacks, beverages or sundries are arranged like a convenience store; in attractive glass front coolers, reach in refrigerated units, neat shelving and baskets. Employees pay by swiping their employee cards and scanning each item. Cameras roll at all times for security concerns. 
The benefits of a micro market inside your business include:
  • Availability of Healthier Choice Options like salads, dairy items, sandwiches, wraps and fruit
  • Ability of buyers to touch and smell food and read expiration dates before purchase
  • Comfort of knowing the sale will be complete as opposed to a possibility of a malfunction with a vending machine
  • Ease of reading calorie content and ingredients in products
  • Larger Variety of Choices
  • Cashless so no need to worry about having the right change


​Cater-Matic Vending Inc.

​​ It’s a concept unmatched up to now in the vending industry. I invite you to take a virtual video tour for yourself and contact Sonny or Ken for a personalized business consultation to see what Cater-Matic Vending can do for your break room and employees. Cater-Matic “Where The Difference Is Service!”

         Cater-Matic is also excited to bring this community the newest in cashless currency with the announcement of Pay Range. Pay Range is a Bluetooth device installed on our equipment which allows the customer to download a free app to any smart phone, load funds to that account, and then utilize their phone to pay for their selection. No more need to carry cash! This technological advancement has seen overwhelmingly positive reviews from our current accounts and will undoubtedly become consumers’ favorite way to pay for future break room snacks. Visit with Sonny, or Ken today to experience Pay Range "The New Way to Pay" in your workplace vending machine.